Statistics - Summary

CategorySummary StatsAdditional Information (Links)
Number of unique Abs (*may need updating)90Histogram: Abs vs # Neut.; Scatterplots: IC50s
Number of unique donors (**not necessarily patients):27Histogram: Donors vs # bNAbs
Number of binding sites targeted by Abs:9Histogram of Binding Sites vs # bNAbs
Number of PDBs in the database:112List of PDBs; Timeline
#Ab Sequences Per Ab Chain Type (non-null)Heavy: V:78, D:40, J:66; Light: V:75, J:64Table of Sequence Frequencies Per Chain Type
Sequence lengths of heavy & light chains:Heavy: =147.02, σ=32.28, N=83
Light: =123.33, σ=36.15, N=83
Table of Sequence Summary Statistics
# Abs with CDR3 sequence info:Heavy: 44; Light: 40
Viral sequence data:Unique Strains: 38015
Unique Clades: 193
Unique Countires of Origin: 97
Earliest Year: 1976