bNAber News Archive

  • New structure comparison interface
    New interface to multiple sequence and structure comparisons of bNAbs and bound antigens has been developed – try it here.
  • New Intro Video
    An overview of the entire bNAber website and database has been put to video. These videos are part of an ongoing project to aid in the use of bNAber, and is a great starting point using the database and tools. You can watch the latest videos here.
  • New Videos!
    New videos demonstrating the latest analysis and visualization tools are now available! These initial videos are a walkthrough of the powerful new tools which have been developed in the Neutralization workbench tool or "Neutbench". You can watch the latest videos here.
  • New Polyreactivity and Sequence Data Available!
    New, recently published bNAb data, such as polyreactivity, light and heavy v, j, and d region data is now available for most bNAbs! You can see this new data on the details page for each individual bNAb, such as PGT121.
  • New Cumulative Distribution Plots
  • Two new bNAbs bind to previously undefined target
    Two newly discovered broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) have been deposited into the bNAber database. PGT151 and PGT152, both found to bind to the gp41 and gp120 interface residues and glycans, which appear to be a previously undefined target on the HIV envelope. The availability of this set of antibodies expands the number of vaccine targets on HIV and provides reagents to characterize the native envelope spike. This work was published in Immunity in April 2014, and can be found here.
  • The Immune System Fights Back
    Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies are the February "Molecule of the Month" at the Protein Data Bank! "Researchers are studying these broadly neutralizing antibodies and trying to find ways to spur the immune system into creating them quickly with a vaccine" Read the full article here !
  • New Structures Available!
    New bNAb crystal structures have been published: 3J5M, 4LSU, and 4J6R for bNAbs VRC-PG04, VRC-PG20, and VRC23, respetively. These structures are available for analysis on the individual bNAb pages, and a complete list is available here. POSA multi-structure analysis across all bNAbs is available here.
  • Read the bNAber paper published in the 2014 Database Issue of Nucleic Acids Research!
  • Compare IC50 Neutralization Data
    Compare neutralization data published in different studies by performing one of the following actions on selected bNAbs: “Median IC50 (μg/ml) against viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/ml, per clade” or “Percent viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/m, per clade”. These tools can be accessed for all bNAbs here.