bNAber News Archive

  • New Feature on Details Page
    bNAber computes on the fly the percent viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/ml and median IC50 (μg/ml) against viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/ml. The value that were computed on the fly are indicated with asterisk (*) on bNAb Details Page. Clicking on these values brings you original neutralization data from publication.
  • Blast search is available
    A new service has been added to bNAber: now you can do blast search to find sequence similarity with bNAbs in the database (H- and L-chains, both nucleotide or amino acids). Just click on the BLAST tab. New interface will give a compact presentation of blast results.
  • New Videos
    More videos: Two more instructional videos have been added to bNAber video collection:
    How to build neutralization heatmaps in bNAber and
    How to compare bNAbs sequences and structures (1D and 3D)
    Click here to view the video tutorials
  • bNAbs to Flu
    Recently, discovery of broadly neutralizing antibodies to influenza virus has identified two major supersites of vulnerability on the influenza virus hemagglutinin, one involved in receptor binding and the other, in fusion machinery.
  • 3BNC117 first-in-man trial
    Antibody-based drug against HIV was for the first time tested in humans – see here.

    Find more details about 3BNC117 on bNAber here!
  • Keystone Symposia
    BNAber Flyer has been distributed at Keystone Symposia Conference on HIV Vaccines. You can download the Flyer here
  • Aliquots of some bNAbs are available to order!
  • New Structure Videos
    It’s better to see once than to hear hundred times. To understand the mechanism of action of neutralizing antibodies on HIV virus look at this structure of the gp140 HIV-1 Env trimer in complex with the bNAb PGT122, as well as other videos on the structure of HIV and bNAbs. The videos can be found here
  • New Statistical Analysis Tools!
    Database statistics have been added to bNAber ! Publication quality graphs and tables are now available for bNAbs sequence physico-chemical properties (heavy and light chains), germline frequencies, PDB structures available as a function of time, histograms of number of antibodies targeted different binding sites, unique donors, and scatterplots of correlation between IC50 neutralization values in different studies. Please check our latest additions to bNAber here:
  • bNAber is growing!
    Our database is growing! We have recently added 13 new antibodies into our database: CAP256-VRC26.01 through CAP256-VRC26.12, and 35022. Please investigate this new data, and additional features of these antibodies will be coming soon!