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NameDonorBinding SiteNeutralization breadth at IC50 < 50 μg/ml, %*Neutralization breadth at IC80 < 50 μg/ml, %**Neutralization potency (in μg/ml)Reference (s)PDB structure(s)
10E8N152gp41 MPER98 NA0.2523151583 4G6F
2F5unknowngp41 MPER67431.447520721 3MOA 3MOB 3MOD 3LEV 3IDG 3IDI 3IDJ 3IDM 3IDN 3EGS 3DRT 3BQU 3D0L 3DRQ 3D0V 3DRO 2PW1 2PW2 2P8L 2P8M 2P8P 2PR4 1TJG 1TJH 1TJI 1U8H 1U8I 1U8J 1U8O 1U8P 1U8Q 1U91 1U92 2F5A 1U95 1U8M
4E10unknowngp41 MPER98363.417520721 1TZG 2FX9 2FX8 2FX7 3H3P
5H/I1-BMV-D5scFv-expressing phage-display librarygp41 MPER47 NA NA16203977 2CMR
HK20VI 3081gp41 MPER0.4 - 8.8 NA NA20098712NA
M66.6SC44gp41 MPER31 NA22.2521880764NA
Z13FDA-2gp41 MPER NA NA NA11602729NA

* Percent viruses neutralized with an IC50 < 50 μg/mg
** Percent viruses neutralized with an IC80 < 50 μg/mg

Key/Legend for Neutralization Breadth
Color Description
Neutralization > 90%
90% >= Neutralization > 60%
60% >= Neutralization > 30%
Neutralization < 30%
Neutralization data is not available in bNAber database
Key/Legend for Neutralization Potency
Color Description
Potency < 0.2 μg/ml
0.2 μg/ml <=Potency < 2 μg/ml
2 μg/ml <= Potency < 20 μg/ml
Potency data is not available in bNAber database